With the invention of movable type in 1439 by Johannes Gutenberg, letterpress was born. While the machines have come a long way from the screw type press Mr. Gutenberg used, the technique is still the same. Though letterpress was originally intended to lie flat on the surface of the sheet, the true modern impact comes from debossing the ink down into paper. Limited only by the tolerances of the substrates used, here at Henry & Co we take it to the limit, with a critical eye on the quality of detail, making every piece a true sensory experience.



This is the flat printing technique that replaced Letterpress in most commercial shops. It can be used to produce exact matching for ink colors for discerning clients and to produce high resolution, high quality images like photographs. It is very effective in combination with Letterpress and Foil Stamping.


Foil Stamping

What has once been viewed as a finishing technique, foil stamping has become a de facto printing technique. Though ink is not pressed into or on the sheet, foil stamping is increasingly used to represent all or most of the image on a finished project; from small lines of type to company logos to background patterns and accents, stamping with foil is no longer just a finishing technique.


Embossing & Debossing

These are traditional finishing techniques that use brass or copper to either shape the substrate so that an image rises above the surface that results in an Emboss, or to press the image down into the sheet to create a Deboss. Both are done by the same method and both can be registered to other printing like Offset and Foil Stamping or both can be done “blind” to create a subtle or clean look. This is a very effective technique on textured papers.


Specialty Packaging

Packaging can make or break your project. It needs to stand out, move the client/customer to action, evoke that emotional response you need in order to be a success. At Henry & Co we help you achieve this by working with you and your design team to design, prototype and produce your project.



We do mount sheets in-house, adhering one stock to another. This is usually done after all of the printing has been completed to make the finished piece double or triple thick. We only offer this service on projects we are producing from the beginning and not as a finishing only method for third parties.



Finishing here at Henry & Co. refers to Embossing/Debossing, Foil Stamping and Die-cutting. Embossing is the molding of paper using heat and pressure into the shape of the plate and ironing out any texture in that area, while raising it above the level of the surrounding paper. Debossing is the same only pushing into the paper. Foil Stamping describes a process which transfers a foil, either metallic or pigment, onto the substrate using heat and pressure. Foil comes in a wide array of color choices and can even be custom made to a specific color. Utilizing copper or brass plates and years of industry knowledge, the embossing/debossing and foil stamping for your project will make sure you are noticed.



We offer a wide variety of binding options, with everything from perfect bound hard cover books to Japanese Stab binding to sewn edge. We also specialize in inventing innovative and unique ways to bind and close your projects. While Velcro may seem like a good tried and true solution, a rare earth magnet may provide a more attractive option. Let us help you solve your binding/closing dilemma



Other is what we do best here at Henry & Co. We look at the impossible as an opportunity to shine. Everyone else says it can’t be done, no way, not going to happen… We believe where there is a will, and budget, there is a way. Do you need a leather journal that looks and feels like it has been through several hundred years of battle? Do you need a pristine and beautifully crafted boxed kit and brochure to sell your Caribbean Island? Or maybe it’s a unique way to display samples in a sales kit. Bring your project here, we will make it a reality